What we dance


Gay Gordons Ceilidh 2011

To provide a flavour of what we cover, below is a list of the recent dances and steps we’ve been having fun learning and dancing.








14th September 21st September 28th September 5th October
La Chapelloise Be seeing you Festival Interceltique The Crannog Gathering
Skip change & Pas de Bas Slip steps & skip change Domino Five Follow me Home
St Andrew’s Fair The Dhoon Wild Geese J. B. Milne
Strathspey steps Highland Rambler Wind on Loch Fyne The Water of Leith
Monymusk Strathspey travelling Montgomeries Rant
Reel of the 51st MacDonald of the Isles St Andrew’s Fair
Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh Polharrow Burn
Joe McDiarmid’s Jig Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh The Dream Catcher
Johnnie Walker Strathpey setting Reel of the Royal Scots
Highland Rambler Butterscotch & Honey
Joe McDiarmid’s Jig


12th October 19th October
La Chapelloise Circles Four
Duke & D’ess of Edinburgh Highland Rambler
Machine without Horses Machine without Horses
Jimmy’s Fancy Strathspey steps
Jimmy’s Fancy
Polharrow Burn
Wind on Loch Fyne Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder
Neidpath Castle